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-Shine the Light on Child Care
Children’s Art Display
April 8, 2020 -May 1, 2020
Delaware Opportunities Inc. Child Care Resource & Referral program will celebrate the Week of the Young Child by displaying child care program flags in the lobby of Delaware Opportunities Inc. during the month of April.
Join us as we Shine the Light on Child Care in our community!
You are invited to participate by submitting 1 paper flag decorated by you and the children in your care!
Currently, there are 41 regulated programs in Delaware County and it would be GREAT to see all programs represented! 
Following are the guidelines:
• Click here to print the flag template. You can print out the flag on computer paper, cut along the dotted lines at the bottom of the paper and start decorating OR trace it onto cardstock, construction paper, newspaper, paper bag, etc.
• Decorate the flag with the children in your care.  Think bold and bright, fun and fancy, cool and crafty! 
• Decorate with paint, markers, crayons, fabric, tissue paper, tape, water color, print making, or collage.  We ask that anything glued on stays on…we try to keep the lobby free from small pieces of macaroni, beads and glitter if we can help it.
• The flag will represent your program so include your program name for all to see (optional).
Please submit your flag by March 27th to Delaware Opportunities Inc. Child Care Resource & Referral, 35430 State Highway 10, Hamden, NY 13782.
Questions?  Contact Laurie Kenny-Dolezel at 607-746-1620 or by email at

Delaware Opportunities Inc. Children's Festival
June 24, 2020