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Children's Art Display
April 1-30, 2019

Delaware Opportunities Inc. Child Care Resource & Referral will celebrate the Week of the Young Child by displaying children's artwork in the lobby of Delaware Opportunities Inc. during the month of April.

Join us as we share tiny art BIG LEARNING with our community!

You are invited to participate by submitting tiny artwork made by the children in your care.  What do we mean by tiny?  A 5X5 piece of paper!  Although the artwork may be tine there is nothing tiny about the BIG learning that happens in the early years!  In fact, experiences like using art materials are exactly how children learn!

Following are the guidelines:
-Please use a white 5X5 piece of paper or cardstock
-The materials you can offer to the children are endless...paint, markers, crayons, fabric, yarn, tissue paper, water color, tape, chalk...
-The artwork can be drawings, color experimentation, collage, print making...We ask that anything glued on stays on...we try to keep the lobby free from small pieces of macaroni, small beads and glitter if we can help it.
-Please write the age and artist's name (first name only) on the back of the artwork along with your program name.

Please submit artwork by March 22, 2019 to Delaware Opportunities Inc.  Child Care Resource & Referral, 35430 State Highway 10, Hamden, NY 13782

Questions?  Contact a day care specialist at 607-746-1620 or by email at

Delaware Opportunities Inc. 11th Annual Children's Festival
Wednesday, June 26, 2019