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Program Description

The regular HEAP benefit is intended to be a one-time supplement to annual energy costs and not meant to replace personal payments, individuals should continue to pay energy bills. Any individual not on SNAP or Temporary Assistance who was approved for HEAP the previous year, was automatically sent an application for the current heating season. Applications should be completed and returned to the designated location printed on the application for processing as soon as possible. Benefits vary depending on household size, income, and main heating source. Households who did not automatically receive an application may apply for a regular HEAP benefit by submitting their application electronically at

  • Applications for those persons receiving food stamps/SNAP benefits and/or public assistance will be processed by the Delaware County Department of Social Services, (607) 832-5300.
  • Applications for applicants age of 60 or older will be processed by the Delaware County Office of the Aging, (607) 832-5750.
  • All other income applications will be processed by Delaware Opportunities, Inc. (607) 746-1615.

Rhonda Barriger, HEAP Examiner: (607) 746-1613
Deborah Furman, HEAP Administrative Assistant: (607) 746-1617
Karissa Hawk, HEAP Administrative Assistant: (607) 746-1618
Kimberly McNally, HEAP Clerk: (607) 746-1615