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Getting New York State's Children Ready for Kindergarten and College From Winning Beginning NY

QUALITYstarsNY (QSNY) is a voluntary five-star "rating system" much like those used for hotels and restaurants, with the number of stars indicating the quality of an early care and learning program.  The stars are awarded according to research-based, uniform standards. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of high-quality programs in New York State to better prepare children for success in school and beyond. QUALITYstarsNY is still in the planning phase.

About 75% of brain growth and 85% of intellect, personality and social skills develop before age five, and high-quality early learning programs can boost children's skills.  Research shows children with access to high-quality learning have twice the vocabulary, better social skills, and are better able to follow directions--key skills for success in school.

The potential benefits for QSNY are enormous.  The rating system offers a clear, organized, cost effective way to assess, improve and communicate the quality of New York State's early care and learning programs. QSNY will benefit:

  • CHILDREN: by creating stronger learning environments, rooted in proven research techniques
  • PARENTS: by helping them become savvy consumers in choosing high-quality early care and learning programs
  • EARLY CARE AND LEARNING FIELD: by offering a roadmap and support to improve the quality of services
  • POLICYMAKERS: by instituting proven, research-based uniform tools to guide more efficient and effective use of resources to support early care and learning services
  • TAXPAYERS AND DONORS: by establishing accountability and a cost-effective system that maximizes the state's limited education funding

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