Thanksgiving Dinner

Delaware Opportunities is scheduling a Thanksgiving Dinner to be served at all dining centers on Friday, November 16th at 11:30 a.m. for a suggested donation of $4.00 for seniors age 60 and over, $5.00 for non-seniors.  Those with incomes above 185% of poverty (which is $22,311 for a single person household, or $30,044 for a two person household) are asked to donate $7.38 (the full cost of the meal).  Reservations for the turkey, pumpkin pie and trimmings dinner are appreciated the day before.  Margaretville, (845) 586-4767; Delhi, (607) 746-2250; Grand Gorge, (607) 588-6166; Hancock, (607) 637-2219; Sidney, (607) 563-2212 and Walton, (607) 865-6739.