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The Delaware Opportunities Inc. is the enrollment agent for legally exempt (informal) caregivers for families receiving subsidies. 
We also provide assistance and support for legally-exempt (informal) caregivers. Legally exempt means the caregiver is exempt from 
registering or licensing with the New York Office of Children and Family Services.

Types of informal child care:
•    Informal Care – care provided by a child’s relative, a family friend or neighbor who watches one or two children not related to 
the caregiver, but never more than a total of eight children.
•    In-home Care – When a caregiver comes to your home to watch your children.
•    Non-Public Nursery School and Pre- Kindergarten Program- a program that is not in someone’s home that cares for children three hours a day or less.

Educational training and continued support is provided in a variety of areas, including how to comply with state regulations for medications administration to children in care.

For  information on legally exempt child care  call  607-746-1620 or email