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Program Description

The Weatherization Program is administered by New York Homes and Community Renewal as a means of improving the heating efficiency to produce fuel savings in the homes of low income, elderly and disabled persons. 

Typical weatherization measures might include: caulking, window repair, and insulation in sidewalls and attic to stop the infiltration of cold to the home. The furnace in each home is tested for efficiency, and minor repairs are made to achieve at least a 75% efficiency rating. Furnaces which cannot be made efficient, or which are not operating are repaired or replaced. The heat distribution system is also analyzed. In addition to heating measures, the program reduces energy use through such measures as replacing inefficient light bulbs, installing low flow shower heads, replacing hot water heaters and other measures.

Eligibility for the Weatherization program is based on the gross income level of the family, and is annually established at 60% of the median family income. Click on the attachment below for current income guidelines.
Joseph Grevera, Weatherization Director: (607) 746-1693
Laurie Neidig, Weatherization Assistant: (607) 746-1692