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Program Description

Program Overview:

  • Education will be provided on proper installation and use of the car seat by a trained CPST.
  • You are eligible to receive a car seat if you fall below the income guidelines below. 
  • If you receive WIC, SNAP, or Medicaid you are automatically eligible.
  • Pregnant women can receive a car seat before they deliver .... an average expected weight for the baby is needed, as we do not provide car seats to infants under 5 pounds.

Income Eligibility Guidelines


*Self-Employed farm and non-farm families may use NET INCOME

New York State Law


Car seat safety checks are available to all Delaware County residents on the 4th  Wednesday of every month, by appointment only. Income eligible families, residing in Delaware County are eligible for a car seat and education on proper installation.


Ginny Austin, CPST
Ashlee Gransbury, CPST
(607) 746-1700