Volunteer Drivers Needed

Delaware Opportunities is recruiting volunteers to assist with the delivery of meals from six senior dining centers to homebound elderly. Reimbursement for privately owned vehicles at 54 cents per mile is available. Ideally, a club or civic group is needed (i.e., the local senior citizens club, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, church group, etc.) which could pledge a variety of members for home delivery task, but individual volunteers can also help.

As the senior population grows, and as seniors stay home instead of going to nursing homes, the demand for nutritious meals increases proportionately. The Delaware Opportunities Senior Dining Program has limited funding available for the delivery of meals. Many areas of Delaware County can only be served if volunteers are available. Additional information is available from Rick Angerer, Senior Dining Project Director at 607-746-1710. A clean driver’s license and background check are required. There is an immediate need for volunteer drivers in Davenport, Downsville, and East Branch. Without volunteers in these areas, homebound seniors will be unable to receive home delivered meals.