Head Start Expands to Full Day

Delaware Opportunities announced today that it has received a grant award from the Federal Office of Head Start to expand services to six hours a day at the Delhi, Fishs Eddy, Sidney, and Walton Head Start Centers.
According to the Office of Head Start, "Decades of scientific research document the strong and lasting impact of high-quality early learning experiences on child outcomes.  Head Start's mission is to promote the school readiness of young children from low income families by having high-quality full school day programs to prepare them for success in school and later in life."
In pursuit of this mission, funds were made available for agencies like Delaware Opportunities to expand hours and days of Head Start programming for up to 40% of classrooms with a goal for eventual expansion at all of the centers.
Delaware Opportunities is currently recruiting children for all centers including those where the expanded services will be available.
To enroll children or to learn more about Head Start, families should contact the local Head Start Center at: Arkville, (845) 586-4002; Davenport, (607) 278-6020; Delhi, (607) 746-6591; Deposit, (607) 467-3505; Sidney, (607) 561-
2341; Walton, (607) 865-6319; Fishs Eddy, (607) 637-4256; Franklin, (607) 829- 3312; and Grand Gorge, (607) 588-8151 or by calling Delaware Opportunities at (607) 746-1640, or via email at headstart@delawareopportunities.org; or to learn more about Head Start, visit the agency website at www.delawareopportunities.org